22 August, 2012

Evolutionary "Theory"

Some people say that "evolution" has been proven by science.  I am not sure what that means, exactly.  The "theory" of evolution states that the earth formed from a molten ball of gases and that through photo- and chemical synthesis of INORGANIC components over millions (billions?) of years eventually developed into bits of organic material which in turn transmogrified into single-celled organisms, and then combined to create more and more complex lifeforms - millions of different ones which all developed and evolved independently - through a series of upward-trending mutations until eventually they produced an organism capable of reason and rational thought.

Never in any controlled experiment conducted under laboratory conditions has an upward-trending mutation been observed.

"They" say that the fossil record proves evolution.  Comparing independent samples of similar organisms which may or may not have lived simultaneously or concurrently with one another is their source of validation.

And even if this theory was true, is it to say that there wasn't a great force working as a catalyst?  Of course not.  In order for ANY evolutionary theory to be true one would still have to discount the LAW of conservation of mass.

Let us not also forget that several MILLION years ago, nearly all life was supposedly wiped off of the earth by a cataclysm that has heretofore never been repeated.  99% of all living things save a few mammalian ground-dwellers and relatives of the Palmetto Bug were completely eradicated.  Respectfully, evolution was given a clean slate about 65 million years ago.  If the earth is considered to be 4.5 billion years old, that would mean that the evolutionary chain which produced ONLY reptiles in the first 4,435,000,000 years magically ACCELERATED that process to produce humans from what amount to rats and lemurs in one tenth of the time, and on a planet which would spend the next ten million years or so recuperating itself from asteroidal devastation.

I mean, that is really miraculous if you stop to think about it.  It almost defies reason.

Oh, wait.  It does defy reason.  It absolutely and completely defies reason and continues to baffle scientists who have been unable to discover the "missing" link between our species and the one they desperately need to be our predecessor for even a fraction of their theory to begin to be viable.

Evolutionary theory is just that: theory.