10 December, 2013

America's First War in Defense of Secession

Prior to the conception of the colonial revolution - a war of SECESSION by thirteen (13) Independent nation-states (countries) from England - the Constitutional Monarchy of the Crown was widely considered the most permissive an libertarian of governances on the planet.

Even the French, without whom the revolution would most-certainly have utterly failed, fell victim to their own monarchical malfeasance shortly after aiding and abetting our liberation.  A large component of society would agree that what we have today - industry, social and economic freedom, systems of law - is directly attributable to the shaking off of the shackles of King George's arguably soft-tyranny and sallying forth on our own into the vast unknown of self-determination.

So, then, who - or rather, WHAT - is to say that waiting on the other side of a total collapse, or an exodus from the reign of the united State does not await the next era, the next iteration of human genesis?  When the "greatest country on earth" was formed out of the smoldering ashes of a war for independence from the previous most "greatest country on earth", would logic not bring one to the possible conclusion that by abandoning the American experiment, we may experience a metamorphosis, a step of such evolutionary magnitude that all social, economic, and cultural boundaries are shattered and a new "GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH" would not be waiting for us on the other side?

People are complacent.  People are comfortable.  People are fearful.  What people fear most is change.  Change on the scale that revolutionary acts like secession suggest is absolutely terrifying to most people.  They know, innately, that if the present system is dispelled or dismantled that their comfort and their component contribution to it will be immediately devalued to zero.  In a new system NOBODY is ANYBODY.

And who does that scare the most?  The people at the very top.  Human nature is always to control others.  But it is imperative to realize that the most sacred right of ANY HUMAN BEING is to exercise control over and responsibility for oneself.  Once you subcontract any portion of that contract between yourself and God, you are a slave.  There is no such thing as "kind of" a slave any more than you can be "a little bit pregnant".