03 December, 2008

The Confederate 13

The provisional government of the Confederate States of America has established a set of principles and provisions that we believe are fundamentally necessary to rebuilding and restoring a free, CONSTITUTIONAL government of Southern Confederates. Anyone who wishes to lay the spectre of white guilt or northern morality against the Southern cause is no friend of the South, nor of truth. This is not revolutionary thinking and we do not seek to overthrow the federal empire, as is plainly stated in item 6.

The Constitutional government of the United State empire has rendered itself, through its own actions, null and void. Executive order and commission of crimes against foreign sovereign nations as well as her own citizens has left the nation a shadow of it former self. Whatever hope lay in the people to reclaim the prosperity and potential of the government created in 1787 has been abrogated to socialism, private banking cartels, secular humanism, tyranny and moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

It is no mere coincidence that there are 13 stars on the Confederate Flag and 13 principles we seek to uphold as the foundation for the restoration movement.