03 December, 2008

The Confederate 13

The provisional government of the Confederate States of America has established a set of principles and provisions that we believe are fundamentally necessary to rebuilding and restoring a free, CONSTITUTIONAL government of Southern Confederates. Anyone who wishes to lay the spectre of white guilt or northern morality against the Southern cause is no friend of the South, nor of truth. This is not revolutionary thinking and we do not seek to overthrow the federal empire, as is plainly stated in item 6.

The Constitutional government of the United State empire has rendered itself, through its own actions, null and void. Executive order and commission of crimes against foreign sovereign nations as well as her own citizens has left the nation a shadow of it former self. Whatever hope lay in the people to reclaim the prosperity and potential of the government created in 1787 has been abrogated to socialism, private banking cartels, secular humanism, tyranny and moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

It is no mere coincidence that there are 13 stars on the Confederate Flag and 13 principles we seek to uphold as the foundation for the restoration movement.

If you recognize that these values and truths, those which the government of the United State has repeatedly sought to usurp or limit, meet with a degree of approval from you, then perhaps you should at least consider joining the movement to restore the Confederate South.

The Confederate 13
~ Founding Principles for Restoring the Confederacy ~

1. Christianity is the predominant religion of the South; hence, the South is a Christian nation.

While we DO NOT give superiority to any specific denomination of Christianity, we openly and readily acknowledge Christianity is "on a higher footing" than any other religion. Having said that, our Christian beliefs do allow for other religious views to be preached, celebrated and observed, but NOT OFFICIALLY or at the expense of Christianity. Christianity, or the observance thereof, SHALL NOT be prohibited by any law or legal code.

2. The practice of abortion is abhorrent, reprehensible and revolting to the Christian faith.

Abortion has led to a culture of death, where infanticide has been increasingly practiced, to the point that the murder of children - born or unborn - has not been punished at all, or not properly punished. That the court - any court - can act to prevent any State from passing legislation outlawing this abhorrent practice is utterly unacceptable.

3. English is the language of the South.

No official special consideration or privilege shall be extended to non-English speaking people except in a court of law where an interpreter may be required. Citizenship shall not be conferred until the LEGAL immigrant successfully demonstrates proficiency in reading, speaking and writing in the English language. Immigration shall be tightly and jealously controlled. Illegal immigration shall be halted by increased patrolling of the border and border fencing consistent with the migratory interests of wildlife. The Border Patrol may be augmented with Cavalry to stem the tide of illegal entry into the South. Those here should immediately be removed unless they can conclusively prove that they are in the country legally. It is the government's duty to enforce immigration laws. If this is not done at the federal level, the States have the duty and the power to remove illegal immigrants from their borders and return them to their country of origin. Children born of illegal alien parents shall not assume nor be granted citizenship other than that of the illegal alien parent.

4. The South's culture, historically, was, and still is today, a Christian Celtic culture.

Our Christian values, beliefs and traditions are synonymous with our Celtic heritage and culture. One cannot be separated from the other. We, of the South, are the only people in the world that can lay claim to the title of: The Southern Christian Celt. We will be known for, and live by the confederate code of honor, and we will have a reverence for all things sacred. We will freely practice, celebrate and promote our unique peculiar culture within the borders of our Southland. Any other cultures will not be officially recognized, celebrated or promoted within the borders of the Southland.

5. Parents have the exclusive, God-given right to tend to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological and intellectual needs of their Minor Child.

The Minor Child has a right to be free of wanton cruelty and neglect at the hands of their Parent. This relationship may not be severed or interfered with without due process of law. No government, at any level, has the right, authority or jurisdiction to make any mandates on curriculum, school choice or compulsory education.

6. The South was within its Constitutional rights to secede.

We are backed in that assertion by the Declaration of Independence and Amendment X to the US constitution. We do not seek to overthrow the United States of America or conspire with those that do, we seek to regain the liberty of the South and to be left alone.

7. The Third National IS the OFFICIAL Flag of our country.

All flags of the South - including, but not limited to the Confederate Battle Flag, the First National (Stars & Bars), the Second National (Stainless Banner), the Third National and the Bonnie Blue Flag - shall not be prohibited from flying at any governmental office or place that receives government funding. Cemeteries may, and should be encouraged to fly the flags of the veterans interred within the cemetery.

8. The National Anthem of the South shall be the song Dixie.

It is the most endearing song of the South and no entity will have the power to ban it from being performed in public and at any venue.

9. Our money will not be a debt instrument issued by a private central bank.

Money will be issued or minted by the Treasury and backed by commodities of value (gold, silver, platinum or precious stones).

10. Every individual citizen has the absolute right to any arms they so choose.

No government, at any level, shall have jurisdiction regarding the carrying of, or drilling with arms. Felons shall be barred from possession of firearms until all conditions of their sentence are satisfied. Upon completion of their sentence, they shall assume full rights as any other citizen, barring any repeat offence.

11. Taxes on wages, savings, investments for retirement and property shall be prohibited.

Nongovernmental organizations, commissions and associations shall have no taxing or regulatory authority. Government may only use excise taxes, and only to fund specific and limited government functions. Any new law, especially one that carries taxation, must be justified by citing the specific constitutional provision that allows for it.

12. Property shall not be taken by eminent domain for any reason other than construction of a government building or necessary roadway, waterway, or other VITAL purpose (not for the financial enhancement of government or other entities).

Property so taken shall have been appraised by a disinterested third party property appraiser and the market value established shall be deemed the fair market value to be paid to the owner of the property. Property shall not be seized for the commission of a crime if anyone other than the defendant has a proprietary interest in the property.

13. Government shall be prohibited from aiding, in any fashion, the relocation of jobs or industry out of the South.

We must encourage heavy industry to locate in the South so our people have as near to full employment as possible with wages that allow a single wage earner to support a family so the wives may return to their more and most important roles of mother and homemaker. To that end, government may at times limit immigration of people from other countries to keep down the cost of living and to better insure affordable housing for legal residents.

The Confederate States of America does not condone nor support the reprehensible practice of forced servitude, be it one man to another or a people to a government. Please visit http://www.csagov.org for more information on how you can become involved and to find out what the restoration movement is all about.

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