28 January, 2010

Roanoke Columnist On Mindless Anti-gun Rampage

Dan Casey.

To the residents of the cozy town of Roanoke, Virginia, a respected OP/ED columnist and humorist. To the patriotic and Constitutionally-minded citizens of the remaining width and breadth of the Old Dominion a self-righteous blowhard with a handful of very bitter, very misguided worshipers stumbling all over themselves to offer up their own liberty for a little slice of security.

And to top this all off, though I cannot cite specifics in his writings (I would be all day poring over his inane blatherings) I am fairly certain he is another in a long line of misguided Lincoln-worshipers who have conveniently chosen to forget that yankee armies of the usurper burned and looted our beautiful Shenandoah, murdering and raping women, children and the elderly and infirmed in order to subjugate his own likely ancestors.

Dan Casey has published opinions on numerous topics but he continuously returns to the anti-gun well over and over, beating the dead horse, reanimating the horse, killing it again and then beating it some more. Why? Because he does not believe that God intended and the founders provided for every man to have the ability to defend himself and his family from criminals and to defend his country against the forces of despotism and tyranny... without asking his government's permission to do so.

Dan's perspective, and that of his willfully ignorant and submissive admirers, is one of painful irresponsibility and unfounded fear. They permit their lives to be controlled by emotions and opinions rather than facts a logic, denying fundamental rights for everyone because they themselves do not feel comfortable acceding to the inherent burden of a free society. It's a psychological phenomenon known as "projection".

What is further disturbing is the next step that his dupes invariably take. As soon as they have discovered that their position is no longer tenable they digress immediately to childish namecalling and ad-hominem.

Point out statistics that prove your point? You must be a racist. Provide links to articles supporting your argument? You must be a conspiracy theorist. However often they are shown to be wrong - and I'm not talking about the "little bit" wrong that comes from making a left when you should have made a right, I'm talking about the "Oops, we converted to metric from international feet and then converted back to U.S. Survey feet and the Mars lander was vaporized on impact" kind of wrong - they redirect and distract, changing the subject or backpedaling like a cyclist trying in vain to avoid an imminent collosion. It's the kind of wrong that could open a hole in the space-time continuum. The kind of wrong that makes the Baby Jesus cry.

In the past couple of months Mr. Casey has posted no fewer than a half-dozen brazen and irresponsible missives lambasting the firearms community for their vigilance in defending the 2nd Amendment and the RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms). He calls us "crazy". He calls us "lunatics". He ignores nationwide statistical evidence and law enforcement testimony that GUNS SAVE LIVES.

And his groupies lap it up like helpless, drunken kittens at a bowl of milk spiked with catnip vodka. They have no problem dissecting Southern heritage and debasing Constitutional principles because, hey, that doesn't feed their side of the argument.

I invite you to read Dan's Weblog. If for no other reason than it will give you a practical insight into the inner workings of the mind of a very disturbed and distrustful sycophant. He considers his own opinion to be so great that it should override the rule of law and the republican process.

Hey, the Constitution has already been shredded to tatters. Why not piss on the remains? Really, it would be pretty funny if it wasn't so sad. He has no compunction about using the 1st Amendment to his heart's content, yet has no appreciation for the fact that without the 2nd, his first would vanish without a trace.

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