02 May, 2012

What Ron Paul REALLY Means to America

Don't be fooled. Ron Paul is the first (and, likely, nearly ONLY) true statesman in generations of the electoral process to suggest the kinds of radical restoration that he is suggesting.

He wants to audit the Fed.  He wants to eliminate the IRS and the income tax.  He wants to reign in the EPA, DEA, DHS, TSA and dozens of other alphabet agencies which function outside of Constitutional directive and answer to no one.

But does Dr. Paul truly appreciate the ramifications of his proposal?  If (and it is a MIGHTY BIG IF) he was to be elected and was successful in his endeavor to reduce government spending and intrusion into the lives of every American citizen... what would be the result?

The result would be crippling unemployment the likes of which this country has NEVER seen before.  Think of your ten closest friends and then think about how many of them either rely on the government directly (postal carrier, airport security screener) or indirectly (prison guard, tax preparer) for the bulk of their employment.  Is there only one?  Maybe two or three?

Now, think very carefully about how many of those direct and indirect jobs would be rendered obsolete and further, those employees otherwise UNEMPLOYABLE as anything other than call-center operators, vacuum salesmen or window washers and you may begin to see the utter folly of your desires.

You see, wishing to have a President like Dr. Paul is the epitome of selfishness.  Don't you see that if you were to get your way, your friends would be unemployed and destitute in just a few short weeks as the wars on terror and drugs are shut down completely and the military/industrial complex fostered by the very nature of their perpetuality came to a screeching halt?

Police departments, prisons, military enlistment and recruiting, rehabilitation, welfare, attorneys, repossession specialists, private security consortiums, testing labs, major pharmaceutical companies and banking cartels would all be nearly immediately and completely superfluous.  Where will all of those people go when the source(s) of livelihoods derived exclusively from the generated fear and propaganda of Dr. Paul's predecessors vanishes?

What is the safety net for someone who only knows how to bark orders or process government forms for a living?

How dare you.  Don't you see that wanting more freedom will only bring pain, anguish and humiliation to millions (and I do mean MILLIONS) of American "workers" and their families?  Shame on you.


  1. Well said. I'm switching my support to Obama. He'll make sure all these folks are safe from the cruelty of weening them off of living parasitic lives.

  2. I have to ask: is this serious or satire?