26 July, 2012

Atheism as Religion

Ah, the belief that there was nothing and then nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything.

Until and unless the existence of the much ballyhooed "Higgs Boson" (also known as the "God") particle is confirmed and qualified as being a truly self-regenerative and non-depletive source of sub-sub-sub atomic energy, it should be a foregone conclusion to anyone with an elementary understanding of the most fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry this:

The law of conservation of mass ("laws" in the science world are accepted as immutable truths, absolutes) is that matter (energy) can neither be created nor destroyed.  To accept this truth is an invitation to paradox, the greatest known catch-22:

If matter cannot be created or destroyed, then where did matter come from?
Scientists herald the "discovery" (rather, the act of identifying) of the higgs-boson to be tantamount to discovering the origins of the universe.  Atheists laud it as proof that God, the God of Abraham and the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, does not exist, does not need to exist and that human frailty is the result of a complex array of miracle-like coincidences which occurred over hundreds of billions of years.  Miracle-like, because calling it a "miracle" would imply the existence of a higher power and that violates the atheist's sensibilities.

As such, atheists are much like a religious cult and science is their deity.  Whenever a Christian proclaims his heart to the Lord or rails against immorality or unChristian behaviours, the atheist invariably takes one of two paths - they either trudge right to the book of Leviticus to show that while we believe homosexuality is immoral, so is eating shellfish; or they defer to science as proof that God does not exist, Jesus was not crucified, dead and buried and then rose once more.

The first group of atheists hates Christianity.  They hate that our morality directs us to eschew behaviours which God has instructed us to avoid.  We are not always successful, but we try, knowing that our Salvation comes not from being perfect, but for asking forgiveness of our imperfections.  Atheists LOVE to cite Leviticus against Christianity, because if homosexuality is wrong then having intercourse with a woman who is menstruating is also wrong.  The argument falls flat because I do not know of one Christian who will deny this.  It is merely folly, fanciful hyperbole, to use one example of an immoral behaviour to defend the practice of another.  This atheist hates that their immorality is not "tolerated" by Christians and seeks to defame Christianity by citing religious pretext.  This atheist is a hypocrite of the highest order.

The second group of atheists are practically a religious movement themselves, somewhere in the neighborhood of the Heaven's Gate cult.

The second group has such absolute faith in science, regardless of their knowledge, understanding or even personal experience with the subject, that they believe if they science something long enough, they will PROVE that there is no God.  The only problem with their belief system is that every time they think they have the ultimate answer, that they have solved the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Poincare conjecture, it takes them further down the rabbit hole.

It takes an awful lot of faith to continue a belief system in which every answer issues forth its own new set of questions... don't you think?

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