16 November, 2012

The Three Most Important Videos You Will Ever Watch

In 1991, Suzanna Gatia Hupp was dining at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, TX with her parents when a crazed gunman smashed his truck through the front of the restaurant, entered the building and proceeded to EXECUTE 20 patrons.

Suzanna had a permit to carry a firearm, but at that time Texas law prohibited her from carrying it into a restaurant:

In (or about) 2008 a former/retired law enforcement officer (read: cop) advises an entire lecture class why you should NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE:

And the following film is a dramatization of societal/social collapse and survival following an outbreak of Avian Flu, how preparations can help, but also who you share your bounty with can ultimately turn into a nightmare:

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