08 April, 2013

Seven Words You Can't Say on Facebook.

OK, seven words you cannot use in a "derogatory" context.

Nigger. Jew. Hebe. Kike. Spic. Slant. Faggot.

Apparently if you are a straight, anglo Christian male and use any of these words in a context which doesn't kowtow to the PC doctrines of the overlord class, you get sent to timeout to think about what you've done. "Hate speech" they call it.

Well you know what I hate? I hate being a straight, anglo Christian and walking on eggshells all the time (figuratively-speaking) when I am posting or commenting online. I hate looking over my shoulder and wondering which victim-class is going to feel slighted by my opinion of them or, God forbid, some culturally and contextually-relevant discovery about them that doesn't fellate their fragile victimized egos.

Special rules and special legislation protects these people from FEELING objectified and marginalized, but what those special rules ACTUALLY do is objectify and marginalize. Every one of them points out just how different we all really are.

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