11 September, 2008

Putting Down the "Confederate" Flag

Much like the blind fanatical nationalism on display across the country today as we remember and relive the horrors of 9/11 another event has been forever etched into the public consciousness, but with far greater implication and revisionism.

Let's forget for a minute that slavery was practiced in the North and the South. Let's forget that Lincoln offered the Southern states a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT protecting the practice of slavery if they would remain in the Union rather than secede. Let's ignore the fact that the Constitutional government of the United States was formed by the separate states, each of whom reserved the right to withdraw at any time.

Let's forget that secession, as a form of political resistance, was taught to cadets at West Point. Let's ignore that several Northern states wanted also to secede from the Union at some point, but were lured back into the fold with false promises and compromises.

Let's ignore the FACT that the Union government of the '50s and '60s were the ones that instigated segregation, forced busing and created a landslide of "victim" classes by stripping basic civil rights and liberties from all citizens.

If you say that the Confederate Flag stands only for racism, do not forget that those slaves were bought by Yankees, shipped to Yankee ports and sold in Yankee markets to Southern plantation owners who, consequently, made up less than 6% of the population of the South.

It is no less an insult for a statue of the murderer and usurper, Abraham Lincoln, to be erected in the glorious capital of Richmond than it would be for a statue of Hitler to be erected in Warsaw, Poland. Do you understand that Lincoln was hell-bent on eradicating the Southern culture from the earth just as Hitler wished to cleanse the Jews from Europe?

The Confederate Flag, today, if you can pull the lenses of falsehood and generations of revisionist history from in front of your eyes, represents freedom. Freedom to own property, not merely rent it from the government. Freedom to keep what you earn, rather than forwarding a hefty sum to the government to spend on illegal, inefficient programs and policies. Freedom to live in a land where black, white, yellow... we are all given the same OPPORTUNITY (not to be confused with welfare or socialism) so that each person can become as great as his or her potential ONLY dictates. Freedom to learn, grow and adapt to new challenges and events and improve as a society without fear of governmental retribution or punitive action.

The Confederate Third National Flag represents so many things beyond the Yankeefied myth of slavery as institution that it makes me sick to see the untold number of hypocritical Union banners flown in complete disregard of how immoral, illegal and unconstitutional the acts of that flag's government truly are.

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