07 September, 2008

What Would It Take?

Let's assume that everything is A-OK in America. Let's assume that the actions and legislation of the past handful of federal administrations haven't essentially undermined not only the spirit, but the letter of the law of our land, The Constitution of The United States.

I ask in all seriousness, what would it take for you to rally behind a movement, ANY MOVEMENT, to secure your liberty?

I have asked several military servicemen what they would do. How would they respond if their Commander in Chief issued orders that directly contradicted the Constitution, which they are sworn to uphold and defend? What would they say when told that they had already done just that?

Homeland tours for combat troops to "reinforce and assist" local law enforcement. A million polyethylene coffins stacked mere miles from Atlanta/Hartsfield Airport, the largest civilian airport in America. Crippling near-trillion-dollar bailout packages of domestic AND FOREIGN finance markets directly against the will of the people. Detainment camps for political dissenters. Restrictions of domestic travel (TSA). State National Guard units deployed worldwide leaving individual State's liberties virtually unprotected and our own shores and borders unsecured. Censorship of speech and press. Suspension of habeus corpus. Suspension of right to a speedy trial. Suspension of right to face one's accuser. Suspension of protection from warrantless search. Suspension of "probable cause".

All of these things (and others) have already been enacted against the people and the government continues to siphon rights away every single day under the guise of national security and the "war on terror." All the war on terror has done is allowed the federal government to violate the laws of the people to further its own agenda.

A common response I get from the federally indoctrinated is "Well, if you hate it so much, why don't you leave?" They comment not on the issues they have been presented, but on a blind loyalty and enduring unquestioning faith in a government that takes up to 35% of their paycheck, yet heads the most financially deficient treasury in the world.

While many consider patriotism to be the love of one's country and the willingness to do anything to protect it, they fail to recognize that they also have a duty, as a patriot, to decry injustice against their country from within. Blind nationalism and flag-waving do not a patriot make. Serving in the armed services does not a patriot make. Believing in something greater than oneself and defending not only ones home and lands, but the principles that provide for freedom. These things are what patriots are made of.

Military might does not equate to freedom, nor does it inherently infer upon the mighty the quality of being just.

So, again I ask: What would it take? Can you place a number on how many freedoms you are willing to surrender before you realize that your liberty is expired? Can you name the one freedom you take for granted that you would be unwilling to give up if they decided to take it? My response is zero. I am willing to give up exactly ZERO of the rights and privileges GUARANTEED to me by the Constitution, because they are all of equal importance and equal necessity to lay claim of liberty. The loss of ANY ONE OF THEM sets a very dangerous precedent and sets in motion as a great stone rolling down a hill. It will gather speed and, if anyone or anything should stand in its way, it will knock them aside and continue on its way. The longer it rolls, the harder it is to stop.

The stone has been rolling for some time in America and it will take an army of CITIZENS to stop it. It will take many, many patriots to stand together, arrest this free fall of liberty and roll that stone back to the top of the hill.

Deo Vindice

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