08 April, 2010

A Modest Proposal For "Rules" of Divorce/Balkanization

They get to keep a per-capita share of military and public works apportioned based on the most current census.

Along with that goes the caveat that they finance and support it themselves. If need be, they sell their hardware and defense share to the CISA*. The liberals, hippies and bootlickers will probably be ecstatic to "reduce" their military spending.

We (the CISA*) reduce and remove intervention and military exposition into all foreign entanglements and treaties, just as Washington warned against. We from hereon out defend OUR interests and OUR cargoes. Our ground-based military will be dispersed from a full-time (standing) force to a limited officer corps and reserve-service structure with the exception of the Navy and supplemental Air Force/Air Space defense measures.

The Coast Guard will board and/or sink anything that illegally enters our international waters. They will aid and assist those who request it, duty bound as mariners.

The Navy will defend our shipping interests. They will not defend anyone else. You want protection? Build your own damn Navy. Or pay us a fee for our services.

Illegals will be given the opportunity to voluntarily return to their nations of origin. They will have six months and may take with them whatever is theirs. After such time they will be forcibly removed and their possessions will be rendered to auction to pay for the expense of their removal.

We will strive to maintain lawful, open borders with our Socialist neighbors. Free passage will be granted and no citizen of our neighboring countries shall be denied Visa unless they are found to be fugitives from the law. Citizens of USSA shall have a period of three (3) years to put their affairs in order and relocate to the CISA without penalty. After such time the citizenship reciprocity shall expire and requisite citizenship processes (naturalization) will be instated.

There shall be no entitlements. The courts will not interpret the Constitution. There will be absolutely NO LAWS which infringe on any part of any of the natural rights we hold dear. Mere suggestion of any such laws will be grounds for congressional suspension and/or censure.

The states and the PEOPLE will have the final authority. The president will not hand down mandates and the power of "executive order" shall be henceforth immediately and permanently revoked. All alphabet agencies shall be abolished and all federal "services" and pogroms shall be eliminated. All federal lands (and establishments) shall be turned over to the direction of their respective states and the facilities, forces and services therein located will be at the discretion solely of the Governor of that state.

No troops shall be mustered from any state for expeditionary roles and no war shall be waged without the unanimous approval of the separate Confederated states.

I could think of more, but that's a good start.

(* Confederated Independent States of America)

The prior was posted as a response on Warrifles.com to the following:

Here's my plan:

We break the United States up into three parts. California is cut loose so most of its residents can pursue their dream of becoming a full fledged communist/green/Aztlan state.

Then we just have to divide the rest with the big government socialists. Most of them are urban cocoon creatures who don’t really need much space, so there is no need for an even split of territory. Their country, The United Socialist States of America gets the following states: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Delaware, NJ, NY, and New England states. That gives them some agricultural areas for their communal farms. All we want is the Declaration of Independence from Philadelphia and the Constitution from Washington DC. They won’t be using them anyway.

We (Unites States of America) keep all the rest including Alaska. They keep the entire federal government with all its departments, all of its entitlement programs, and all of its debts. We keep the military (they can keep the USO) since they don’t need that either. They can have all the illegals and welfare slugs; we’ll take all the long abused useful people who want limited government/taxes from their area. We’ll also keep the US Virgin Islands, they can have Puerto Rico.

The Hawaiian natives have been itching for autonomy for years and the state as a whole leans pretty far left. So they can also go their own way. All we ask is for is the flag from the USS Arizona memorial.

Canada is in the same boat we’re in, so maybe they should break up too. Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes join the USSA, the rest of Canada comes with us.

I think that split would involve the least amount of displacement for people during the one or two year moving period. Many of you guys who live in occupied territory may not like this idea. But ask yourself, would you rather relocate now or risk losing the whole country later? I even have a class A CDL. So when I’m on the return trip from hauling the communists from Seattle/Portland to the east coast, I can help you move to freedom.

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