01 March, 2012

Inflation: Not as low as you think

Your savings has been wiped out by high housing, food and transportation costs and a shocking 0.05% standard savings rate while banksters and CEOs have reaped WINDFALL profits and seen their portfolios and wealth skyrocket.

According to one CBS News 'Blogger ACTUAL inflation, which discounts major one-time purchases like homes and vehicles, is closer to 8% and rising.

While the Bernanke and the Obama continue to print more money and dump it on the raging inferno that is this country's economy, unemployment - REAL UNEMPLOYMENT - is above 15% nationwide with pockets of 50% and higher unemployment in numerous metropolitan/industrial centers.

In an election year which sees the potential for the first-time-ever lame-ducking of a wartime (p)resident, the economy and unemployment will be the professed bailiwick of whichever candidates are vetted by the international banking cartels to duke it out for supremacy over the next four years of continued deterioration of American liberty, Christian and family values, and our once coveted position as #1 in the global economic and industrial arena.

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