06 March, 2012

Osama Bin Laden Buried At Sea? From "Suspicious" to "Unlikely"

On May 2, 2011, nearly every major news outlet in the world proclaimed the same unbelievable headline "BIN LADEN DEAD". Apparently a crack team of Navy SEaLs based out of CDSA Dam Neck engaged and/or intercepted Bin Laden, a man who has been on top of the FBI's most-wanted list since shortly after September 11, 2001 for masterminding the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks in which commercial airliners are purported to have been flown into buildings while leaving almost no trace, causing two buildings to FREE FALL into their own footprints, a third to collapse after receiving only minor aesthetic damage, yet another to show no signs of engine nacelles or tail section impact (or debris) and yet ANOTHER leaving a debris field in middle Pennsylvania made up mostly of shredded paper.

Bin Laden, a man who is suspected to have died years ago from renal failure brought on by advanced kidney disease and poor access to medical dialysis, was "located" in a hideout in Pakistan, killed, airlifted to the USS Carl Vinson and DUMPED in the Arabian Sea mere hours later.

Then, to compound the suspiciousness of the event, not two weeks later the same "crack" team of America's finest surgical combat troops were riding in an obsolete, minimally-armored helicopter on a mission which would generally be considered "below their pay grade" and just happened to be shot down by an "insurgent".

All too convenient a coincidence, you say? Our own government would never leave a trail of bread crumbs which actually led right to their door?

Well, apparently those of us who never bought the "official" story about Bin Laden's capture (read: assassination) may be looking for apologies from the rest of you soon. According to Wikileaks content acquired and posted by Anonymous there may be an even bigger ongoing coverup emerging.

Read more about the VERY LIKELY POSSIBILITY that, once again, you have all been played the fool by your government at Huffington Post.

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  1. But Wikileaks is an America-hating, terrorist-loving, traitorous outfit. So no matter how much proof they have, it can't be true! Just can't be!

    USA!!! USA!!! USA!!