02 March, 2012

Virginia Senate Passes Bill Nullifying NDAA

One of the most onerous pieces of legislation which has ever been introduced and passed by the yankee government (look for a follow-up post on the other one), the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA, for short) has the terrible and terrifying potential to allow indefinite detention of AMERICAN CITIZENS without due process nor being formally charged with the commission of any crime.

Virginia's General Assembly immediately recognized the Constitutional invalidity of such a decree and has already passed through both its House and Senate by landslide, veto-proof legislation a BILL which says, quite plainly, that no Virginia law enforcement, Defense or National Guard may act in any way which aids the federal government in its enforcement of the NDAA.


Seven other states at the time of this writing have introduced and/or passed similar legislation. The NDAA undermines the 5th and 6th Amendments by providing the executive branch the authority to designate American citizens as enemy combatants ("terrorists"), pursue them, incarcerate them and HOLD THEM INDEFINITELY without trial and without formally being charged.

The very idea goes against everything which we hold dear as Americans and should not be overlooked that the federal bill was passed with nearly unanimous bipartisan support. The entire government on the federal level thinks this is a good idea.

Do you?

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  1. The real question is whether the state authorities would actually abide by this. Various states have passed "state sovereignty" resolutions, and yet continue to submit to the Feds on certain issues. Probably the only real example of states sticking it to the Feds on anything right now is medical marijuana in California. I know there a some anti illegal immigration policies that have been passed by a few states, but those are in the litigation process, so it remains to be seen whether the states stick to their guns if and when the SCOTUS strikes down the laws.