07 February, 2010

The "Green" Police

This was an ad for the new Audi "green" diesel that ran during Superbowl XLIV:

Don't believe for one moment that there aren't people out there (Al Gore, Ed Begley, Jr., etc) who weren't masturbating feverishly when this commercial ran.

This is their wettest dream ever come true. With international events like the Copenhagen Climate "summit" we are only a UN "treaty" away from the EPA being given DHS and FEMA autonomy and super-authority.

This ad is more Orwellian than 1984...

1 comment:

  1. This commercial would turn me off the product that passes the inspection of such tyrants. It's a very funny (and true) idea, but it is being used all wrong in that the product PASSES the test of the "Green Police" tyrants thus putting me on the other side. For a commercial designed to sell the product that receives the gentle headpat of tyrants, "Your'e good to go, sir!, I have exactly the opposite reaction.