19 February, 2010

We Should Not Honor Secessionists?

In response to an article in The Post and Courier:

This yankee carpetbagging indoctrinate has no idea what "patriotism" is. To him, one can only be patriotic if defending Uncle Sugar and the invasion of sovereign States under false pretenses.

The many hundreds of thousands who died defending Dixie and the millions more who have suffered since for their defeat were patriots to the Southern Cause. The Southern Nation. The Southern Flag.

While he may not see it that way, patriotism was not always about "expressing their devoted love, support and defense of the United States of America." That country had reduced them to 2nd-class citizens in their own lands, removed from them any semblance of representation in government by undermining them with apportionment so lopsided that Southern economic and commercial interests were rendered moot and used their own compacts to the union as shackles with which to fasten their fates to those of the yankee nation.

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it can't be said enough.

I still receive abrasive and argumentative responses from people who truly believe that the war was fought strictly over slavery and that anyone who would want to see a free Southron country "rise again" must surely want to reinstitute such conditions among the races.

What they fail to realize is that the Dear Leader (and many who have come before him) have already successfully endeavored to enslave us all to their fiat money scheme, their taxation and usury. When a man's wages are collected and distributed to a select group of people, it is theft, plain and simple and we are slaves to the forced tribute of the fruits of our labors to the issuance of government debt.

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