04 February, 2010

Where To Start "Fixing" the Country

From an exchange on War Rifles (note: I am not the one running for NC Delegate)

Well folks,

This used to be my primary networking board before I got hell bent on Ron Paul, and since 2007, I have done pretty much nothing but Constitutional politics.

I have a plan that could affect a restoration of the Constitutional order, peacefully and politically, but it starts in the State houses rather than the US Congress and the White House. Problem is, it is hard to convince all of these activists to pay less attention to the glamorous US Congress races, and instead pay attention to the mundane State Assembly races.

I myself am running for NC State House, with an agenda to introduce 10th Amendment State Sovereignty, Firearms Freedom, HealthCare Freedom, and Energy Marketplace Freedom acts, but with most of the focus in the movement invested at the Federal level, I am not sure how it is going to work out.

I am slowly turning heads and changing minds, but I suspect that it is not fast enough.

That means that we will be dealing with the complete and total abrogation of the Constitution by 2012. There will be nothing of America left unless we can get those in the Liberty movement to push back from the States, and reign in the Fed.

The entire split between us and the balance of the RWVA was based on whether it was inconvenient, too frightening, or 'awkward' to discuss the more sensitive topics such as the collapse of America, the SHTF, and survival in the PAW.

I suspect that we are beyond that point now.

ConchMan, I want to thank you for keeping this board up and alive for these last 2 years -- while the traffic has dropped to life-support levels, I have no doubt that things will pick up again over the next 2 years as things clearly begin to look inevitable. I think we will see a shift towards more emphasis placed on the survival of liberty patriots trapped in a 3rd world totalitarian state.

We need to network together in the way of setting up commo [sic] networks. Those of us willing to stand against the totalitarian state are now more numerous than ever, however the tactics being used (most clearly seen in the form of ideological assaults against the "teabaggers") are serving to make every one of us feel more isolated than ever. It is that false feeling of isolation that will prevent us from standing up even in the face of the hypothetical door-to-door death squads.

Now we learn that if us poor and middle class Americans refuse to enrich HMO billionaires, we face 5 years in Federal Prison. The Federal Courts have made it plain that it is OK for the government to break any laws it pleases, so long as there is a 'progressive' intent towards doing so, therefore I have no doubt that this horrifically unconstitutional policy will be enforced. Ed and Elaine Brown were only the beginning, folks.

While on the one hand, we have to be extremely careful to avoid giving Janet Reno Napolitano any reason to Waco or Ruby Ridge us, we also have to know our own line in the sand...the point beyond which we will not comply.

And we have to know that when the SHTF, we will not be alone.

Today, I make this pledge to you, and to all those readers who remain on this forum, that I will lay down my life to uphold and defend the Constitution against every enemy. I will do so peacefully until there remains no recourse, and then I will only fire if I am first fired upon. Those who are of one mind in this as I am, are my brothers, and firing upon them will be the same as firing upon me.

To this end I will pledge my life, my worldly goods, and my sacred honor: when the wheels come off and all hell breaks loose, I will be there, geared up and ready to go. When the zombies start lining us up against the wall, it will be the zombies that fall. I will not fire the first shot. I will not draw first blood. But when first blood is drawn, I will not shrink back and join the sleeping sheeple as my brothers are loaded onto cattlecars and freight trains.

COUNT on it. Live free or die, my brothers.
So where do we begin? What do we start taking back our liberty?

I would say "local" or at least state. We are going to need local leaders to defend and protect our towns and cities from marauders, instigators and interlopers.

We need the strength of several states to defend from foreign invasion and affect trade.

We need the federal government like a sack of doorknobs to the jimmies.

We need men armed not only with weapons, but with wits and honour and devotion to a sacred cause, one that has been ignored and discarded by the federal government.

I say it again - anyone looking for a sure-thing in 2010 by "voting out" the scumbags are in for a rude awakening. What's fundamentally wrong with this country can't be fixed in one election cycle or one hundred election cycles. It began in 1861 and has blossomed into a putrid, self-sustaining and self-perpetuating monster that bears resemblance to the founders' vision in name only.

The only way to save any portion of the good that once was in this country before the likes of tyrants like Lincoln and FDR is balkanization.

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