11 February, 2010

Is Iran Going to Be Another Japan?

It is neither our duty nor responsibility to presume to know what is best for the rest of the world. Rallying against terrorism isn't going to end terrorism. Their religion mandates that they convert or murder all "infidels".

China has made the right move. The weaker Amerikha becomes, the more likely it is that it will collapse under its own self-aggrandizing and hubris and the sooner we can take back control of our lives. Amerikha looks weak because they have elected lawyers and banksters to rule over them instead of exercising their own sovereign rights and keeping their government in check.

That we even considered moving the "terror" trials to New York was obscene.

When the towelheads wade ashore in Virginia Beach I will be sitting in the dunes picking them off at the beachhead. Until then I really don't care what they do.

FDR lured Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. FACT. Anyone who believes otherwise could do with a little update to the falsehoods and disinformation your middle-school social studies teachers heaped on you.

There was no reason at all for us to be involved in WWII. It was a "necessary" action to pull Amerikha out of the Great Depression.

There was a large contingent of Italian, Austrian and Spanish who did not agree with Hitler's final solution. And one of our "allies", the Soviet Union, went on to become more vile and despotic than Hitler could ever have dreamed. Stalin killed more of his own people than Hitler (by a large margin) of foreign peoples, including all the Jews, no matter which cooked book you read on the subject.

I'm not "rooting" for China. I'm just saying that they have their own designs and their own choices to make. It is not up to us to pretend to be better than everyone else when our own government has no other interest, judging by their actions, than to destroy our wealth, our Constitution and our prosperity to line the pockets of a few elites.

Trust me. I live only a few short miles from what would ultimately be ground zero. The largest collection of militaria on the planet is right in my backyard and I'd be a fool to believe that a direct attack on the U.S. wouldn't include targets in the Hampton Roads area.

But that's just it. There is no evidence that says we are being targeted. Why are we the only ones who get to have nuclear weapons with which to threaten other countries? What makes us so morally superior that they should believe we won't use them? We are the only country in the history of the world to deploy atomic weapons on an "aggressor", and we did so in true yankee fashion, unleashing their devastation on innocent civilian populations as an incentive to fear.

Japan had already lost. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese were senselessly and mercilessly slaughtered and we're better than everyone else?

That logic train doesn't stop at my house. I want no part in such blatantly imperialistic pursuits which is why I believe that Virginia and the whole of the South would be far better off without Washington's interference.

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