11 March, 2010

Banned From the VCM - AGAIN!

It seems that patriotism is a selective matter and only those who meet a very strict and private definition are permitted to access the Yahoo Group owned by the douchebags parading around as the Virginia Citizens Militia.

Yes, these are the same guys who showed up with ear buds and boonie hats and BDUs at Lobby Day but decided it wasn't in their interests to lawfully arm themselves. Despite that both the VCDL and OCDO were out in force, none of these nitwits thought it would be prudent to also exercise their rights. Wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers now, would we?

They have taken it upon themselves to decide who is and who is not eligible to participate in their little pretend militia with their milquetoast, watered-down version of patriotism - colored by political correctness and yankee liberalism. Upon the mention that the Militia and the RKBA's preeminent and primary purpose is to "Defend against tyranny in government" (Jefferson) I was surreptitiously shown the door. Call it sour grapes, but apparently having a classical, fundamental understanding of the purpose and duty of the Militia does not constitute agreeable eligibility.

And so, I urge any and all TRUE PATRIOTS (not the kind who will follow the empire down into oblivion playing pretend) to seek out and encourage your fellows to educate themselves and avoid this group like the plague. Their little play missions (providing armed security detail for the 10th Amendment resolution) are a joke and their elected officers and ranks are of absolutely no consequence.

No one - I repeat: NO ONE - should ask for permission to defend Virginia or whichever state they love and wish to see free of federal tyranny. THAT is the purpose of the Militia.

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