02 March, 2010

SB334 Passes House

Virginia's 17-y.o. tradition of barring lawfully concealed firearms carriers from doing so in restaurants that serve alcohol (there is no such thing as a "bar" in the Commonwealth, despite flaccid argument to the contrary) is in the final stages of being eliminated, at least partly.

SB334 will permit a lawfully-armed citizen holding a valid CHP (Concealed Handgun Permit) to carry their personal firearm into a restaurant concealed as long as they do not drink any alcohol.

Until the passage of this bill, which heads to the Speaker today, then to the Lieutenant Governor before being placed on the Governor's desk for signature (he has all but assured he will honor all pro-liberty bills that reach his desk this session), citizens wishing to enter an establishment which served alcohol in the Commonwealth were required to carry openly; in plain view.

For many, this does not meet with their particular level of comfort and had been a thorn in the side of gun-rights supporters for many years as it was one of the few instances where the "special" status of a conceal carrier (sometimes known as "VIP" carry) was not superior to the Constitutionally and statutorily-recognized right to carry.

Other bills passing and heading to the Governor shortly are SB3, which allows CHP holders to renew their permits by mail and SB408 which allows anyone who may lawfully possess a firearm in Virginia to store his weapon in a locked container or compartment without a CHP.

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