05 March, 2010

The Virginia General Assembly - Who's My Legislator?

Virginians - Senators Marsh and Saslaw have acted in violation of Senate committee rules, deliberately and spuriously acting to block and "kill" bills that they know would otherwise be passed by the general Senate. This practice does not follow the letter nor the spirit of the Constitutional Republican government of Virginia and places the legislative process singularly at their whim. Contact your representatives and let them know that this is an unacceptable practice.

Who is my legislator?

Here is my letter to Mr. Wagner (Senate 7th District) and Mr. Villanueva (House 21st District):

Mr. Wagner & Mr. Villanueva:

As a constituent I strongly urge you to propose or instigate investigation into the unlawful tabling of bills by Mr. Marsh's subcommittee in the Senate Courts & Justice Committee which has deliberately and onerously derailed legislation that both Mr. Marsh and Mr. Saslaw knew would pass the general Senate.

These men have acted not as representatives of the interests of the Commonwealth of Virginia, but of themselves and of a select few whose only interest is one of a vindictive nature. Mr. Marsh is apparently upset that House rules which permit Senate bills to be passed over does not exist in Senate precedent, so he has created such to his own ends, namely: stopping bills he personally opposes.

That it is even considered that he has such authority in and of himself is preposterous.

I urge you to enter a motion to censure his and formally investigate these illegal acts and, if discovered that he has acted spuriously and with frivolity against the wishes of the people of Virginia (which I believe he most-certainly has) then he should be impeached, removed and permanently barred from the political theater in Virginia.

He is not a patriot. He is not a Virginian. He is a sycophantic, self-righteous interloper who has no business partaking in the legislative process in our fair Commonwealth.

Please let me know how you plan to proceed in this matter. A response is requested.

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