09 March, 2010

Is This What Our "Protests" Amount To?

from a comment on the Western Rifle Shooters Association blog:

Once upon a time, there was a man who came home from work one day to discover all of his possessions had been stolen, his family murdered and his home burned to the ground.

People in his neighborhood who had witnessed the crime gave him a very clear description of the the man who had done this evil deed.

So the man set out to find the evil-doer. He searched high and low and eventually he found a man who fit the description that his neighbors had given him.

He approached the man who he suspected of doing this evil act and said: "Are you the man who stole all my stuff, murdered my family and set my house on fire?"

The man replied: "Yeah. So what if I am?"

The man then asked: "Why would you do such an evil thing?"

To which the evil-doer said: "Because I felt like it."

The man responded: "Well, you just better watch it. That was not very nice," and turned and walked away.

This is what the tea-parties and other exercises of 1ST Amendment rights amount to. They are unsubstantive, empty threats to the power elite. They do not recognize any authority other than their own and appreciate nothing other than death as a means of negotiation.

Until the treasonous, quisling socialist scumbags are dragged out into the street and publicly tried by a grand jury of THE PEOPLE and executed for their crimes against liberty, they will continue to masquerade as leaders and force their will on us.

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